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Chansluts Emily 18

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I, Chanslut

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Vændisþráður Ég er ekki vanur að skrifa neikvæðar athugasemdir um vændiskonur, en núna stenst ég það ekki.

  • Anyone guilty of engaging in prostitution for own upkeep will be subject to imprisonment for up to two years.

  • However, some clubs were given a legal exemption, so they can feature striptease.

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September 20th, we eliminate another tool of those who wish to enslave us.

  • Still, even with some minor issues, Reykjavík is a lot safer when compared to other western cities, and definitely safer than the capital cities of other countries.

  • Crime in the capital Reykjavik is almost non-existent and there are no safety and security issues concerning thieves, drugs, or homeless people.

  • However, prostitutes become guilty of a crime if they are found working together as this constitutes operating a brothel.